Objective: A first-of-its-kind savings experience created in India, for India, is Hubble. They arrived in Indore since they were travelling throughout India to pitch their initiative and needed someone who could advertise them on the radio, in the newspaper, and in pamphlets without seeming too preachy.


Solution : Indore has its own dialect and what better way to show that the Hubble has reached Indore than by promoting it in their own language. Starting from reading poetry in the Indore language on the radio, to putting a map of Indore on their newspaper, we encouraged them to use references from those locations to display Hubble’s potential. Last but not least, we created a pamphlet with the intention of cultivating brand love and conversation.


Result:  On social media, there is a lot of discussion about the campaign, and it was about capitalising on this momentum and creating an amazing campaign.